Rink update

The rink is in great shape for skating! Thanks to the volunteers that created the ice and flooded it to get to its current state.

We are still looking for volunteers to supervise the fieldhouse for 3 hour shifts (once a week or biweekly). Please contact glabarparkca@gmail.com if you are able to volunteer. Keeping the fieldhouse open is a must for the City of Ottawa to supply us with hockey boards, lights, hoses, etc. Don’t let the rink fail because of apathy!

Kingsmere Rink – supervision volunteers needed

In a previous post, we put out a request for volunteers to supervise the rink on weeknights and weekends. As a supplement to that information, here is a section from the City of Ottawa’s “Outdoor Rink Manual” that describes the responsibilities of this role:

SECTION 4 – The Rink Attendant

A. Job Guidelines
As an employee of the Program Sponsor, the Rink Attendant is directed by the Program Sponsor to follow the guidelines stated in the Grant Agreement. The following is a list of guidelines, which each Program Sponsor may want to use as an outline for developing “official” Rink Attendant responsibilities specific to their site.
1. Cleaning of ice surfaces daily: both before and after operating hours.
2. A daily “walking tour” of the site to include inspection of ice surfaces, boards, building and equipment.
3. Notify the City’s Program Coordinator of any necessary repairs found as a result of the site inspection.
4. Care of equipment that has been loaned by the City (ex: hockey frames and mesh, hose, hose reel, storage box and field house/trailer, etc.).
5. Statistic sheets filled out hourly with accurate records of attendance. These sheets must be submitted weekly to the Program Coordinator, and must be kept on site at all times.
6. Cleaning the inside of the building, or trailer, including washrooms. Ensure that garbage is placed at the road entrance the night before the area’s official garbage pick-up day.
7. Keeping all entrance doors clear of snow and ice.
8. Know how to complete forms in case of injuries. Understand and be able to perform emergency procedures.
9. Ice must be flooded a minimum of four times weekly, weather permitting. Flooding once a day will maintain the rink at an acceptable level.
10. Supervision of activities on the ice and in the building (Where applicable).
11. Ensure the ice time is reserved for permit holders, and that posters for rink permits are posted to inform the public. Attendance of permit group members must be recorded on daily attendance sheets.
12. Rink Attendants are encouraged to assist in programming; ex: special events, lessons, hockey tournaments, recreational skating, etc.
13. Rink Attendants – It’s highly recommended they be certified in Emergency First Aid / CPR. Call or email our front desk staff for course information. We have two courses scheduled for rink staff in December and January. 613-580-2590 or seasonalrecreation@ottawa.ca
14. Ensure the following are posted in both official languages, for public notice, both inside and outside the facility:
a) Hours of Operation.
b) Rules and Regulations.
c) Any daily programming schedule, if necessary.
d) Name of Program Sponsor and contact person, with phone number.

B. Supervision (Where Applicable)
During scheduled operational hours, at least one Rink Attendant must be on site actively supervising at all times. Active supervision includes programming activities and participating in games which enhance community involvement. “Active” supervision will allow the Attendant’s shift to pass much more quickly and more pleasantly. This direct style of supervision will provide an opportunity for rink patrons to meet the Rink Attendant.
The Rink Attendant should ensure that the Program Sponsor’s schedule is followed and that ice time is available for both hockey and free skating.
The Rink Attendant should enforce the rink rules and make sure the “No Pucks on Secondary Surface” rule is followed.
Rink Attendants should take pride in the ice surface.
For example, never flood the ice until it has been scraped, no matter how smooth it may look. Also, if there is a light snowfall, rather than sitting in the building waiting for the snow to stop, start scraping the ice. (The snow must be removed in any case). Rink Attendants will find skaters/players eager to assist, if they themselves actively shovel snow resulting in a more efficient operation.

Kingsmere Rink – Dec. 21 update & request for volunteers to supervise fieldhouse

The hockey rink is almost ready to skate on. If all goes well, it should be ready for tomorrow (Friday Dec. 22). The puddle rink is not ready to skate on and will not be ready for another few days. Please stay off the puddle rink.

We are looking for additional volunteers to supervise the rink this season. This typically means one 3 hour shift per week. Supervision volunteers are responsible for unlocking the fieldhouse so community members can use the change room and washroom, and being the emergency contact if there are any problems (e.g. call 911 if someone is hurt). We are required to keep the fieldhouse open for a minimum number of hours each week, so please let us know if you can volunteer on a weekly basis, or biweekly, or even as a standby if we have a last-minute cancellation.

Here is the schedule:
– Weekdays one 3 hour shift from 6pm-9pm
– Saturday: three 3 hour shifts starting at 11am
– Sunday: three 2 hour shifts starting at 1pm

Please let us know if you are interested by emailing glabarparkca@gmail.com.

Thank you!