What does the GPCA do

What the Alliance does:

  • Manages and maintains the rinks at Kingsmere Park (City of Ottawa Grant).
  • Promotes and fund raises for the renewal of our green space (Lorry Greenberg, Glabar and Kingsmere Parks.
  • Represents the community issues and concerns in areas of traffic and zoning issues with the City.
  • Sponsors Community events like the Glabar Garage Sale and Fools in the Park.
  • Hosts Community Meetings to discuss local issues like rezoning applications or All Candidate meetings for elections.
  • Represents the Community at Ward Council Meetings and Federation of Citizens Associations.
  • Sponsor City Wide events at the Community level (i.e. Clean up the Capital and Car Free Day).
  • Helps to promote community involvement via our interactive website and community events.