History of Glabar Park

A History of Glabar Park
The GPCA would like to solicit historical information on the community to add to our web site.
This could include pictures, newspaper articles, etc

  • What year was Glabar Park developed?
  • How did a specific Street get its name?
  • What were the first house on a street and how much did they cost?
  • When were the 3 Parks constituted and how did they get their names?
  • A list of prominent residents?

Please forward information to Michael Heenan, GPCA Secretary
832 Riddell Ave
613 798-9763

Glabar Park History

955 Blythdale Rd.

  • The original owner was the Frisby family, of Frisby Tire.
  • The next owner was the Disipio family, owners of “the Prescott” in Little Italy.
  • Submitted by John Huntjens the yet to be famous 3rd owner.

The Mooney Family

  • The Mooney family lived in the area at one time – Sid Mooney.
  • This fact is noted by the plaque in the Lorrie Greenberg dog park.
  • Submitted by John Huntjens

Updated June 8, 2011